Bea Arthur’s Net Worth 

Known for her iconic appearances, many may wonder what Bea Arthur’s net worth is. While she passed on in April 2009, she remains memorable for her brilliant acting career.

Born as Bernice Frankel in May 1922, Bea Arthur is a renowned American actress.

She had an acting passion from an early age, although she served in the military before following her childhood dreams.

She appeared in several plays and later TV shows before succumbing to lung cancer in 2009. Her acting career earned her a net worth of $8 million.

Read on to learn more about Bea Arthur and her net worth.

Who Is Bea Arthur?

Bea Arthur was an American well-known actress and comedian. She was born in New York as Bernice Frankel in May 1992 into a Jewish couple, Philip and Rebecca Frankel. Bea had two siblings, Gertrude and Mariane.

Around her teenage years, her family shifted to Maryland to operate a women’s clothing store.

Due to a serious medical condition, coagulopathy, her parents sent her to Pennsylvania’s Linden Hall School for Girls. She then attended Blackstone College for Girls in Virginia.

Bea joined the US military in 1943 and served as a typist, truck dispatcher, and driver until her discharge in September 1945.

She joined Philadelphia’s Franklin School of Science and Arts and got a medical technician license.

After interning for several hospitals, Bea joined New York’s New School to study acting. She joined an acting crew that produced off-Broadway plays at a theater in Cherry Lane.

It was here that her acting career took off to the TV, featuring in popular sitcoms and shows, like “All in the Family” (1971-72), “Maude” (1972-78), “The Golden Girls” (1985-82), and “Malcolm in the Middle (2000-06).

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She featured in many more shows and theater plays before retiring in 2006. Bea received recognition for her brilliance on the screen, winning a Tony award and two Emmys.

What Is Bea Arthur’s Net Worth?

Knowing a person’s net worth is the only way to determine how they are doing financially. Moreover, this information can benefit those who follow the person’s footsteps to success. 

In our case, you can calculate net worth by considering her assets minus her liabilities.

During her acting career, Bea bought a mansion at an undisclosed amount on a 3.7-acre land in Brentwood, Los Angeles. There has been no mention of liabilities.

Owing to her successful acting career from the 1950s to 2008, Bea managed to amass a net worth of $8 million.


Bea Arthur became a famous TV personality courtesy of the 1970s sitcom “All in the Family,” which saw her get her series, “Maude,” on air.

She was married twice, first to a marine, Robert Alan Arthur (1947-50), then to a theater director, Gene Saks (1950-78)

She had no children from her two relationships but adopted two boys with Gene Saks. The actor’s net worth is $7 million, and her two adopted sons survive her.

She is remembered for giving her Manhattan residence to the Ali Forney Center, a shelter for homeless LGBT youth.