10 Best GoXLR Alternatives in 2024

Everyone agrees that GoXLR is next-level tech but finding a GoXLR alternative isn’t too tricky.

However, before going for an alternative, if you can’t lay your hands on a GoXLR, there are specific considerations to make.

What are these features to consider, and what are your top choices?

There are many alternatives for GoXLR, including RODE RODECaster Pro II, Elgato Wave XLR, and Mackie ProFXv3.

There is also AVerMedia Live Streamer, Behringer XENYX, Alto Professional, Roland VT-4, and Creative Sound Blaster.

For final choices, go for Pyle Professional Audio or Razer Audio Mix. They all comprise different qualities that make them similar to GoXLR.

In this post, we shall explore all products that can serve as the perfect alternative. Ensure you read to the end to make the pick that best suits your purpose.

What Is GoXLR?

GoXLR is a complete product used by broadcasters and streamers online, especially during live streams.

What formerly required hundreds of separate pieces of gear and software is now possible with a single, streamlined, and user-friendly product.

Audio effects and samples may be played back instantly, allowing you to surprise and delight your listeners with your performance.

The product is a masterpiece from TC Helicon GoXLR.

Its widespread use can be attributed to the wide variety of included sound effects and the flexibility of its mixing capabilities.

With the rise of Twitch and similar streaming sites, it has gained traction among casual gamers.

The GoXLR device is well-liked by the broadcasting industry because it facilitates the transmission of high-quality, expertly recorded audio.

What To Look For In A GoXLR Alternative

GoXLR has some legendary features that one may call “unbeatable.” Still, some other products out there may just be a good match for GoXLR.

However, you need to closely consider the features of these alternatives and compare if they are suitable substitutes.

Out of the different functionalities, here are three primary ones to look out for when getting the perfect alternative:


This isn’t a significant issue if you use USB microphones that connect automatically to your mixer.

However, it becomes a matter of core importance if you want to use a dynamic or condenser microphone.

Make sure the audio mixer you’re considering can provide the 48V phantom power.

Also, ensure it can give the 65db of gain from the preamp that your microphones need to perform.

Channel Count

You probably already know that the original GoXLR has four channels, allowing you to simultaneously control four separate audio sources.

Get a mixer with the same number of channels or more to satisfy your needs. 

This will ensure you have complete control over the stream’s audio, including any in-game conversation, music, or other system sounds.

Therefore, all options should meet this requirement.

Connecting Devices

The last thing you should do before using the mixer is to make sure all the ports you need are present.

Also, check to see that they are working correctly and are compatible with what you already have. 

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You, as a streamer, likely have a sizable collection of headphones, speakers, and microphones.

It’s imperative that the mixer you choose can handle all of these products.

You should also consider the pricing, the color scheme, and the construction quality.

If you’re deeply concerned about its appearance, go for our options that resemble the GoXLR.

Best GoXLR Alternative: 10 Top Recommendations 

Here are some of the best alternatives for GoXLR that are readily available for you. These products will serve you just as well as GoXLR, so rest assured you’ll enjoy them:

1. RODE RODECaster Pro II

The RODECaster Pro II is the equipment that makes broadcasting HD audio a delight for both the novice and the professional.

No matter your experience with broadcasting, this board has everything it takes to produce outstanding results.

This product features different mic options that may power a condenser or dynamic microphone for a professional recording studio.

It also has an automated volume control that makes it easier to keep your sound consistent.

The Rode is an excellent piece of equipment due to its customizable sound effects and easy-to-trigger SFX choices.

Its ability to record sounds straight to your pads before importing them into your computer is also a plus. It offers almost all the advantages of the GoXLR at a price worthy of its features.

2. Elgato Wave XLR

Wave XLR brings your microphone and computer together in magical ways. It is intended to be used as an external preamp.

This product supplies 48 volts of phantom power and up to 75 dB of low noise gain for dynamic microphones.

Not only that, but it also has some excellent soft and hardware controls built right in.

The device’s construction is straightforward, featuring a regular XLR input and a 3.5mm headphone connector.

It also has a USB Type-C port for PC connections. Plus, there’s a multi-function dial up front and a sensor button for muting up top.

The Wave XLR is excellent as an alternative to the much costlier GoXLR. It will work better, especially if you don’t require a lot of onboard hardware faders or buttons. 

3. Mackie ProFXv3 Series – 6-Channel Mixer

This Mackie 6-channel FX mixer is the company’s smallest and least expensive professional model.

Its most significant similarity to the GoXLR is its sleek, portable design and high-quality construction components.

In addition, the unit’s controls are intuitive and easy to use. There are labels and icons for every control (and input).

The LED illumination has a rainbow of colors, much like the Alto, which makes it easy to see what you’re doing.

Furthermore, this mixer makes beneficial add-ons readily available.

This inexpensive board may be expanded with various connections, input choices, microphones, and more.

It keeps evolving and developing to meet your Twitch needs as you grow while offering quality at a minimum cost.

This board is flexible enough to change with your requirements.

4. AVerMedia Live Streamer NEXUS

The Live Streamer Nexus is a hybrid of the Elgato Stream Deck and the TC Helicon GoXLR. It has almost all, if not all, the features of the GoXLR, making it a compelling alternative.

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It fuses the features of a control panel with a six-track audio mixer to give you perfect control of your live stream.

The Nexus interface is 5.7 by 8.5 inches. It includes a 5-inch IPS touchscreen, four dedicated function buttons, and six tactile audio knobs.

Its volume knobs are fixed in place, but the IPS screen and function buttons may be configured to your liking. 

Live Steamer also features an app. Its app allows users to move and resize widgets across the screen and easily assign shortcuts to the program’s buttons.

5. Behringer XENYX Q502USB

The XENYX Q502USB is a USB/Audio Interface with a 5-input, 2-bus mixer.

Some of its other features are a microphone input, left and right earphone jacks, and a stereo RCA jack. 

XENYX Q502USB has a phantom power preamp built-in, making it suitable for any type of condenser microphone. Its small form makes it easy to take it to and fro at a low cost.

Since most streamers will never need more than one microphone input during their broadcasts, the Q502USB is an excellent option.

Though impressive, it lacks many of the other features of a GoXLR, even as a cost-effective option.

Therefore, consider the features you’re primarily after before picking this option.

6. Alto Professional – 5 Channel / 2-Bus

Another option is the Alto Professional, a five-channel compact mixer with professional standards.

Its small form allows the 5-channel to be kept close at hand without compromising on technical capabilities.

This device has plenty of spare capacity “under the hood” to supply you with a more dynamic range.

There are several knobs to tweak things like EQ and Gain on the microphone preamplifier.

Finally, the Alto Professional has vivid LED indications. During low-light sessions, you can quickly tell which controls belong to which sections of your mixer.

The levels you’re using during the stream may be seen at a glance, even if you’re not paying full attention to them.

7. Roland VT-4 Vocal Transformer

The Roland VT-4 is a high-quality voice transformer that’s, ironically, super simple to operate.

With Roland, you can manipulate the sound of your voice by pushing buttons, sliding sliders, and turning dials.

The primary difference between this option and the GoXLR lies in its emphasis on voice effects.

To adjust different sound mechanics, the VT-4’s four faders act in much the same way as the GoXLR’s dials.

Even though it’s not a mixer itself, it may be wired into an existing system using an aux loop.

While this may not be suitable for some, it may be just what others want. It’s great if you’re primarily looking for a means of adding voice effects.

The VT-4 supports XLR microphones and has a USB port for connecting to a computer.

8. Creative Sound Blaster K3+

Compared to the GoXLR, this creative option is a worthy rival because of its extensive features. It’s one of the best external sound mixer modules you can get for its price.

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K3+ is easy to operate, has many input connector choices, and is compatible with 4 V Phantom condenser mics.

There’s a lot to enjoy about this board, especially considering it comes with six distinct streamer settings.

New streamers may get up and running quickly with this audio equipment by simply selecting the appropriate defaults. 

After setup, you may play around with the individual parameters until you get the sound right for you.

This audio mixer has been pre-programmed to give you a good start in the streaming game.

9. Pyle Professional Audio Mixer PMXU43BT

Even though the Pyle Professional doesn’t look like much, it is a very powerful audio mixer.

It has a tough makeup that makes it durable and suitable for transportation, serving streamers, and podcasters.

There are sixteen effects pre-loaded, and a three-band equalizer is also included.

Two buttons per XLR channel activate 48V phantom power for your condenser mics. Also, a red LED light goes up when the power is on.

As a unique bonus, the gadget can play MP3s. You can pause, play, and shuffle them when connected to a compatible player through a USB connection.   

The Pyle Professional Audio Mixer is a fantastic small gadget that won’t break the bank for most folks. However, compared to GoXLR, it is pretty limited.

10. Razer Audio Mixer

The Razor Audio Mixer is a sleek and elegant box that brings your sound to life.

This is a four-channel mixer with sliders in a layout instantly recognizable to anybody who has used a GoXLR.

The Razer is physically smaller than the GoXLR Mini, but they’re comparable.

The device has a button that lets you change the 48V phantom power that drives condenser microphones. Below the volume controls for each channel is a microphone’s mute button.

If you press and hold these buttons for more than two seconds, the programmed voice changer will be turned on. Although it is not essential, it is pretty useful.

When we talk about setup, the software makes it simple to change the device’s settings to your liking.

You can do as much as change the colors of the individual faders and mute buttons. 

The Razor also has a compressor, a noise gate, and an equalizer that can be used to change the sound.

All things considered, this is a fantastic substitute for the GoXLR and offers exceptional value for the money.


It’s never easy to source a substitute, especially for a product like the GoXLR, the industry leader.

However, you must understand that, with the constant competition in the market today, there is always room for improvement.

Start with the products in this post if you think you can’t get something as good as GoXLR. If you run into a bad day, the perfect alternative from this post will do the job just fine.