10 Best Guardzilla App Alternatives in 2024

What is the best Guardzilla app alternative? That is one of the most puzzling questions for any individual interested in home security system monitoring.

Home security is currently a growing and significant concern for most individuals. 

In the market, you will find several alternatives to the Guardzilla app. These alternatives feature a remote control, customized alerts, smart home integration, and two-way talk.

They also ensure you have peace of mind when you are not home. Below, you will find a list of ten recommendable alternatives.

What Is The Guardzilla App?

The Guardzilla App is an application that allows you to monitor your home via live video streaming.

The app enables you to broadcast your voice and listen to voices in any room.

One of the best things about the Guardzilla app is that you can get notifications on your phone through text or email when there is motion detection. 

What To LookFor In A Guardzilla App Alternative?

Exceptional home security system apps allow you to have confidence in the safety of your home from intruders.

Here are the top factors to consider when looking for an alternative for the Guardzilla App.

  • User-friendliness
  • Compatibility with a smartphone device
  • Remote use
  • Customization option

Best Guardzilla App Alternative: 10 Top Recommendations

The Guardzilla App has excellent features that ease your security needs. However, there are other alternatives, and they include:

1. Frontpoint App

The Frontpoint app is almost similar to the Guardzilla app. It comes with various protective accessories, including a motion sensor, at a fair price of $294.30.


  • Allows you to create custom advanced notifications
  • Reviews sensor and system history
  • Notifies any system issues
  • Enables users to develop additional user codes
  • It has an In-app button that allows you to summon emergency service
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2. XFINITY Home App

XFINITY Home allows you to stay connected with your home from anywhere and anytime. Like Guardzilla, it uses Wi-Fi and comes with various accessories depending on your usage tier.


  • Remote disarm and arm
  • Enables users to view system and sensor history
  • Remote video monitoring
  • Real-time email and text alerts
  • Thermostat and lighting control
  • Voice command

3. Alarm.Com

Alarm.com provides you with cloud-based services. It incorporates automation tools with intelligent features.

Thus, it makes life easier by giving you visibility and complete control of your home. 


  • Remote control
  • It has a panic button
  • Allows for customized commands
  • Contains wellness insights
  • Home automation
  • Interactive security

4. Presence App

The Presence app is user-friendly, like the Guardzilla app. You can use it to set up home video surveillance in a matter of seconds and link it to various viewers. 


  • Allows for remote control
  • Provides push, email, and in-app notifications
  • Supports simultaneous and multiple viewers at the same time and to one camera
  • Allows for two-way video conferencing
  • Supports video recording and photo capturing while monitoring

5. Reolink App

The Reolink app is an easy-to-use surveillance app like Guardzilla. It is adequate for iOS and Android and has a user-friendly interface. 


  • Multiple-screen and remote live streaming
  • Video playback
  • Provides users with push or email notification
  • Allows for video recording scheduling

6. Wyze App

The Wyze app also provides an excellent alternative. It facilitates adequate home surveillance.


  • Video monitoring
  • Provides texts and email alerts
  • Unlimited video recording

7. ADT Control App

The ADT Control app provides users with home automation controls. You can use it to disarm and arm your system and view outdoor and indoor footage. 

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  • Apple Watch integration
  • Live video monitoring
  • Custom schedule automation
  • Voice control
  • Email and text notifications when you have an intruder

8. Vivint Smart Home App

The Vivint smart home app consists of an AI that helps customize your smart home control needs. 


  • Mobile alerts for sensor-trigger
  • Customizable alerts and notifications
  • Allows for video playback
  • Allows you to save 20 seconds of video clips for later review

9. Protection 1 App

The Protection 1 app allows users to monitor their homes adequately. The app adapts easily to security requirements and is easy to use. 


  • Mobile alerts for sensor-trigger
  • Facilitates remote access
  • Allows for customization of alerts

10. SimpliSafe Home Security App

SimpliSafe home security app allows users to share recorded videos on social media.

The app is handy in alerting customers on environmental issues such as fire and carbon monoxide. 


  • Monitors environmental sensors
  • Alerts when an intruder enters your home
  • Allows for viewing of activity logs


Home security apps ensure that you live in a safer home. The alternatives for Guardzilla app provided above plays the same role as the Guardzilla app. 

They ensure you can monitor your home and receive notifications of any motion detection.

It is up to you to get the best alternative that meets your needs.