How Long Does Shein Take To Ship?

When purchasing items from Shein, you might wonder: “How long does Shein take to ship orders?”.

With the rise of online shopping, knowing shipping times is essential. And we are here to provide the details required to determine when your order will arrive. 

Firstly, your order’s shipping time is determined by the shipping option you select and where you’re shipping to.

For standard shipping, delivery can take 2 to 3 weeks. On the other hand, express shipping could ensure you receive your purchase within 6 to 7 business days.

But bear in mind that it can take up to 24 hours for Shein to process orders. Only after your order has been processed will Shein ship it. 

This article will provide a detailed answer on how quickly does Shein ship orders.

And we’ll discuss how to track your Shein orders. 

Types Of Shipping Offered By Shein

How long it will take for your order to arrive at your doorstep depends on the type of shipping you choose. Below are the different types of shipping offered by Shein.

1. Economy Shipping 

Economy shipping is typically cheaper and uses China Post as its primary shipping carrier.

Selecting this shipping option means that it will take a bit longer for your order to reach you.

2. Standard Shipping

Shein offers standard shipping as a default option. Shipping times are typically quicker than those of economy shipping and it’s still affordable.

3. Express Shipping 

Should you need your parcel to arrive sooner, you can use Shein express shipping.

Express shipping costs extra, but it’s faster than standard or economy shipping. The only downfall is that it is only offered in some countries. 

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How Long Does Shein Take To Ship?

After Shein has received your order, it initiates the processing phase of the order. This step can take around 24 hours to complete.

When your order has been cleared for shipping, it’s sent out using their preferred carriers.

Here is a breakdown of the shipping times you can expect when purchasing from this online store.

1. Economy Shipping 

Economy shipping can take up to a month or longer, depending on your location. 

2. Standard Shipping 

Standard shipping indicates that you goods will arrive within 2 to 3 weeks of placing the order.

3. Express Shipping

Express shipping can take anywhere between 6 to 7 business days. Shipping does not include weekends or public holidays. 

One thing to note is that if you provide an invalid address, it can delay shipping.

And if there are any custom clearance issues, it could also affect shipping times.

In addition, your location will play a significant role in when you’ll receive your order. Therefore, shipping times clearly differ based on various factors.

This table details the estimated shipping times broken down per country.

Country Standard Shipping Express Shipping 
United States 12 – 14 days 8 – 12 days 
United Kingdom 15 – 17 days 10 – 12 days 
Australia 15 – 18 days Unspecified 
Canada 13 – 17 days 9 – 15 days 
Germany 15 – 17 days Unspecified 
Italy 14 – 17 days Unspecified 
France 12 – 14 days 10 to 12 days 
Singapore 9 – 12 days 8 – 10 days 
Netherlands 7 – 11 days Unspecified 
Brazil 20 – 28 days Unspecified 
Russia 21 – 38 days Unspecified 
Austria 13 – 16 days Unspecified
Denmark 15 – 20 days Unspecified 
Finland18 – 21 days Unspecified 
Hong Kong Unspecified Unspecified 
Malaysia 8 – 10 days Unspecified 
Spain12 – 18 days Unspecified 
India Unspecified Unspecified 

Tracking Your Shein Order

Tracking your Shein order is essential because it will give you peace of mind. And we recommend following these steps to track your Shein order. 

  • Open the Shein website and sign in with your account credentials.
  • Once you are logged in, click on the “My Order” option present. 
  • A list of your orders will be displayed. Select the order you’d like to track. 
  • Click on “View Details” to see all your order details, including the shipping status. 
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If Shein has shipped your order, you should see the tracking number and the carrier handling the deliver.

If you go to the carrier’s website and input the tracking number given, you’ll have more information on where your order is.

Alternatively, you can also find your tracking number in your order confirmation email along with the carrier’s information.

Note that if Shein has yet to ship your order, you will be unable to track it. Once the shipping process has been initiated, you’ll be able to track your order.


It’s essential to remember that sometimes shipping takes time and can be affected by numerous factors.

But Shein assures its clients that it will deliver all orders in the fastest possible time.