How Many Jobs Are Available In Marine Transportation?

As demand for cargo movement by sea keeps growing, many people ask, “How many jobs are available in marine transportation?”.

Getting a job in this industry can open doors to many employment advancements.

The shipping industry is vital to the global economy because of the goods and people it transports.

It’s estimated that 8,700 people will find employment in the maritime transportation industry.

The Labor Statistics Bureau also estimates that the rate of marine transportation recruitment will reach 12% by 2026. Presently, the sector is expanding faster than average for all jobs.

 In this article, we’ll cover the various employment opportunities in marine transportation. Read till the end if you’re considering moving into this industry.

How Many Jobs Are Available In Marine Transportation?

The marine transportation industry is integral to the global economy, conveying people and goods worldwide.

This industry has about 8,700 available jobs, based on US Bureau of Labor Statistics data. The increase in demand for marine services results in the quick blooming of the industry. 

Working in marine transportation typically results in an annual salary of $84,120.

So, there are a wide variety of available positions for those interested in working in maritime transportation.

Jobs Available In Marine Transportation

There are several opportunities in the maritime industry, whether you’re seeking a full-time or part-time job. We’ve outlined some critical positions you can apply for in the sector.

Ship Captain

Ship captains oversee all aspects of the movement, including planning, preparation, actual sailing, and any follow-up. Hence, they are at the forefront of the marine transportation sector. 

Captains also manage ship schedules and maintain communication with other ships and ports.

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They are accountable for following rules established by industry regulators like the International Maritime Organization. The average annual salary of ship captains is $81,640.

Marine Electrician

The installation and maintenance of electrical systems on boats of different sizes fall under the duties of a marine mechanic.

You’ll be required to read and understand wiring diagrams, blueprints, and other technical data in addition to installing and testing electrical equipment.

Your job as a marine electrician also involves working independently and being creative in your problem-solving abilities. A marine electrician makes, on average, $58,568 annually.

Marine Pilot

Guiding ships effectively through waterways is the primary function of a marine pilot.

This entails putting in place before departure all necessary documentation and preparations. He also stays vigilant of any potential danger while on the move.

 To keep vessels safe, pilots must have sound knowledge of the waters they sail and the ability to make quick decisions.

They contribute significantly to curbing pollution and accidents. A marine pilot makes an average annual income of $87,785.

Marine Lawyer

This type of lawyer specializes in dealing with situations and conflicts involving the sea.

Navigation, marine insurance, environmental law, and shipping are a few subjects that fall under the umbrella of maritime law.

A marine lawyer must fully grasp marine organization law (national and international) and sea-related legal matters. They usually earn $78,595 per year.

Deck Officer

Supervising all deck operations and ensuring the safety of crew and passengers is the responsibility of the deck officer.

Deck maintenance, mooring, cargo operations, and navigation are also part of their duties. On average, a deck officer can expect to earn $98,530 a year.

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Chief Mate

Tasks performed by the deck crew are supervised and planned by the chief mate. This requires taking charge of cargo operations, navigation, and deck machinery upkeep.

The Chief Mate is also responsible for enforcing shipwide compliance with safety protocols.

The chief mate is the second in command of a ship and assists the captain in planning and executing the ship’s journey. Chief Mates earn an average yearly pay of $122,803.


Cleaning, painting, and chipping are part of a deckhand’s job. The deckhand is responsible for significant ship repairs and maintenance. 

Physical stamina, strength, and the ability to carry significant weight are all essential qualities for a deckhand.

Also, they require knowledge of the many types of goods they are handling and the proper techniques for each. The annual salary for this position is $56,163.

Marine Engineers

Marine engineers plan, construct, and oversee the operation of ships and other marine vessels.

To keep ships running smoothly and efficiently, they must be capable of critical thinking and finding solutions to issues.

No matter what they specialize in, engineers need to know a lot about maritime law, fluid mechanics, and shipbuilding. The typical yearly salary of a marine engineer is $93,370.


The world economy depends significantly on sea transportation, which moves goods worth billions of dollars annually.

It is an essential part of global trade and the key to getting people and goods from one place to another.

Marine transportation has a long history and will be a vital component of the worldwide transportation network for a very long time.

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Jobs in the marine transportation industry are available for people with a wide range of experience and education levels.

If you want to widen your horizons or switch jobs, the marine transportation industry is a great place to begin.


1.) Can I Consider Marine Transportation A Good Career Path?

Yes. Anyone interested in working on the water can choose a profession in maritime transportation.

Working in the marine transportation industry comes with a competitive salary and many promotion prospects.

In addition to the money, you can work in different places, such as ports, harbors, rivers, lakes, and oceans.

2.) What Is Marine Transportation’s Salary?

In the United States, a Marine Transportation worker can expect an average salary of $5,238 a month, or $62,862 per year.

However, this figure largely depends on your role. For instance, a facilities manager’s starting salary is $54k. Similarly, a chief mate’s salary could be $26,000 and up to $151,000.

3.) Why Should I Choose Marine Transportation?

Thanks to the maritime industry, seafarers who visit different ports on different continents can learn about many different cultures.

Working at sea has its rewards and difficulties. Anyone willing to face these challenges will succeed in the marine transportation sector.