How To Pronounce Shein 

Learning how to pronounce Shein is essential if you want to say it correctly. But pronouncing Shein correctly is not as straightforward as it may seem.

This fast-fashion retailer, known for its affordable clothing, is pronounced: “she-in”.

This may come as a surprise to some, as the spelling would suggest a different pronunciation.

Many people mistakenly say “shayn”, “sheen”, or “shine”. But according to the company, “Shein” is the words “she” and “in” combined.

Therefore, it should be said in a way that reflects that.

In fact, you’ll be so confident about your pronunciation that you’ll want to discuss this fast-fashion online retailer with anyone willing to listen.

How To Pronounce Shein 

The proper way to pronounce Shein is “she-in”. Although this brand name is also a prominent surname, the two pronunciations differ.

The surname “Shein” is commonly pronounced “shine”. This is why so many people mistakenly pronounce the brand name “Shein” as “shine”.

However, there are videos available online where representatives of the brand have publicly mentioned the brand name.

And they have confirmed that the pronunciation is “she-in”.

When pronouncing Shein, you should place more emphasis on the first syllable, “she”. The “in” at the end of the name should still be stated clearly.

This way, it should sound like “she-in” rather than “shine”.


It is not uncommon to mispronounce the popular brand name “Shein”.

But with this guide and a little practice, you should learn how to pronounce it in no time.

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