How To View Private Instagram Accounts in 2024

Perhaps, you’ve visited an account on Instagram and found it locked to the public.

If there is something urgent you wish to see on the account for whatever reason, you may find this quite frustrating.

To view private Instagram accounts, you can follow the account or search for the user on other social media platforms.

You can also use Google, a friend’s account, or a private Instagram account viewer to see it. The latter is the most convenient.

And apps like Glassagram, xMobi, mSpy, uMobix, eyeZy, Gwaa, Privateinsta, Instalooker, Inflact, and IGLookup can help you view private accounts. 

This article will show you how to view private Instagram accounts. We’ll also introduce you to a list of private Instagram account viewers.

These are apps that make the job super easy.

How to View Private Instagram Accounts

Here are the most straightforward approaches to view private Instagram accounts:

1. Follow the Account

Let’s get started with the simplest method possible: simply following the account. You can’t view the profile of a user with a private account unless they accept your follow request.

If you made the request when they were online, you could get lucky and get immediate access to their profile.

Otherwise, you may have to wait for them to sign in. It’s best to give the user at least a day or two to respond to your request.

However, if they decide not to accept your follow request, it could mean they don’t want you to see their profile.

2. Use Other Platforms

To see someone’s information when they’ve made their Instagram private, you should look for them on other social media sites.

Check what’s visible on their Instagram bio if you don’t know their full name. Searching other sites might yield all the information and images you require.

3. Use Google

To find someone online, you can simply type their name or username into a Google search.

Even if a user makes their profile private, Google often keeps a record of everything they’ve ever posted.

That is, everything posted when their account was viewable by the general public.

When the results page loads, you’ll be able to sort them by relevance, such as All, Images, News, and Videos.

Selecting the “Image” option should display all the user’s public posts and profile photos. This is an excellent strategy if you need a photo to put in a frame or on a cake for their birthday.

4. Use a Friend’s Account

It’s not uncommon to already have a buddy who follows the individual in question. If you do, have them open the user’s profile for you.

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If need be, you could save any images or information you might need via your friend’s account.

5. Use a Private Instagram Viewer

Multiple apps and software exist which can be used to open a private Instagram account. You could consider this the most convenient method to view a private Instagram account at your will.

More details on the benefits of using these platforms and the best of them are discussed below.

The Benefit of Using a Private Instagram Viewer

Using a private Instagram viewer is the most straightforward option to view private Instagram accounts.

Below are some of the benefits of utilizing one of these applications:

Easy Usage

Private Instagram viewers are incredibly user-friendly apps. Almost anyone can master the functionality of the app within a few short minutes.

This makes it easy to install, register, and navigate to the profile you wish to see.

Best of all, the top private Instagram viewers only ask that you create a username to use the app. It’s as easy as that.

Multi-Purpose Functionality

Aside from being the primary tool for private Instagram account viewing, a private Instagram viewer can carry out other tasks.

It can help with tasks from messaging to managing your posts and many more. This makes it a handy app to add to your arsenal.

The 10 Best Private Instagram Viewers 2023

Here are the top 10 private Instagram viewers to help you view a private Instagram account:

1. Glassagram


Glassagram gives you full access to the content of other Instagram accounts without revealing your identity.

It’s wonderful because it lets you look at any Instagram profile without the owner’s knowledge. Therefore, you’ll have access to anyone’s information and images without drawing suspicion. 

You must do your homework to succeed on social media sites like Instagram to ensure your account and business flourish.

And Glassagram has been tailored specifically for this use.

The goal is to provide the user with all the data they need to comprehend and target their audience.

It thereby allows for the organic expansion of an Instagram account.

Glassagram may be downloaded on both Android and iOS smartphones for remote access to private user accounts.

And the developers of the app provide users with regular upgrades.

2. xMobi

xMobi Instagram Hacker

xMobi is revolutionary because it allows you to secretly hack any Instagram account with zero hassle.

In fact, it has become one of the most popular secure Instagram viewers available.

In other words, with xMobi, you have the potential to further develop your Instagram account and narrative.

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Not only will you be able to see the public content often seen in feeds, but you’ll also have access to private content.

With this powerful app, you’ll have access to any private profiles, photos, and videos on Instagram.

Therefore, you can view someone else’s private account from the comfort of your own device without their login details.

xMobi will offer you this access when you register and provide the username of the account you wish to access. And you can get xMobi up and running within about five minutes.

3. mSpy

mSpy Instagram Tracker

When it comes to private Instagram viewers, mSpy is one of the most outstanding options out there.

As a parent, you can easily use this app to monitor your child’s Instagram activity. 

Beyond Instagram, mSpy may be used to keep tabs on other popular applications and social networking websites.

Moreover, mSpy lets you keep an eye on everything else that goes on with your child’s mobile device in real time.

4. uMobix

uMobix Instagram Spy App

The next private Instagram viewer on the list is uMobix, a cutting-edge app supported by a seasoned group of IT professionals.

It offers access to private accounts and devices in an advanced and user-friendly way. With this technology, you can keep tabs on the Instagram activity of anyone you choose. 

Sifting through every call log, photo, message, and check-in can be tedious and time-consuming.

However, uMobix provides quick notifications for any and all of these categories.

5. eyeZy

eyeZy Instagram

If you want to see private Instagram profiles on your Android, iPhone, or iPad, look no further than eyeZy.

This is undoubtedly one of the industry’s leading private Instagram viewers.

We have faith in eyeZy’s promise to be the best effective mobile tracking software on the market.

This means they can assist you in monitoring more than simply the activity of Instagram profiles you’re interested in.

6. Gwaa


One of the safest and most reliable ways to peek at someone else’s profile is through Gwaa.

Gwaa’s strong suit is that it concentrates mainly on data exfiltration from the target account. 

You will be given access to details about the account, such as the content posted, comments made, and people followed.

It’s a free option for those who want to see private Instagram accounts.

7. PrivateInsta


PrivateInsta is a fantastic app that allows you to access another person’s Instagram account without needing to log in.

The program works well with Mac OS X, iOS, and Android.

Even if you look at every single one of someone’s private photos on Privateinsta, they will never know. To access a private account, go to the PrivateInsta website.

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Here you’ll see a text box in which you must input the username of the account in question. Afterward, click the submit button. 

The private posts uploaded will soon be available for you to view or download.

But there’s a quick survey to fill out before you can access the images for download and viewing.

8. Instalooker


Instalooker is widely regarded as a highly effective app for monitoring and gaining unauthorized access to private Instagram accounts.

It’s easy to use this Instagram viewer app because of its straightforward design. It contains no malicious software or viruses and is entirely legal to use.

You’ll need to visit the Instalooker website to use these features. On the home page, you’ll see an option labeled “Spy Now.”

Selecting this will open a new window where you can input the relevant username and continue monitoring.

9. Inflact

Inflact Instagram Story Viewer

Any of the top Instagram profile viewers will let you browse profiles without needing to sign in.

And among the best options for viewing private Instagram accounts in this manner is Inflact.

But there’s more to Inflact than just viewing private profiles and posts.

Inflact offers a suite of social media marketing tools to help you grow and maintain your social accounts.

10. IGLookup


If you want to check out someone’s private Instagram profile without following them, IGLookup can help.

There is no need to install anything on your computer because the program may run independently online.

Private posts, images, videos, and comments can be accessed without submitting any credentials.

Simply type in the username of the person whose hidden profile you wish to view, and IGLookup will open that person’s profile.


Viewing private Instagram accounts has its advantages. But there are numerous aspects to consider before selecting a method to view these accounts.

Opting for a private Instagram viewer is by far the easiest option and offers you complete anonymity.

That’s why it’s the preferred choice for those looking to view private Instagram accounts.

That said, before viewing private content, consider whether your intentions are good and if doing so is ethical.

For instance, it’s understandable if you need a hidden photo of someone for a surprise gift or event.

But suppose you’re simply viewing a private account to spy on the person. In that case, it may be considered an invasion of privacy.

Either way, now that you know many ways to view private Instagram accounts, there’s no limit to the possibilities.