Patrizia Reggiani’s Net Worth 2024 (& Earnings!)

Due to the recent film The House of Gucci (2021), many want to know Patrizia Reggiani’s net worth.

Patrizia’s popularity as a New York socialite rose after marrying Maurizio Gucci, an heir to the Gucci fashion line, in 1972.

Patrizia Reggiani, is the ex-wife of the late Maurizio Gucci. The two married in 1970, separated in 1985, and divorced in 1994.

Maurizio consented to pay his ex-wife $1.47 million annually in alimony. However, the court found Patrizia guilty of plotting her ex-husband’s murder and sentenced her to 26 years.

As of January 2023, Patrizia’s net worth stands at $10 million.

Read on to learn more about Patrizia Reggiani and her net worth.

Who Is Patrizia Reggiani?

Born in 1948 in Vignola, Italy, Patrizia Reggiani was the daughter of Silvana Barbieri.

She never knew her biological father but got adopted at 12 years by Ferdinando Reggiani after he married her mother.

Patrizia met Maurizio in 1970, and the two got married in 1972.

The couple bore two daughters, Allesandra and Allegra, before separating in 1985. Their divorce was, however, made official in 1994.

Maurizio agreed to pay Patrizio an annual alimony of $1.4 million as a show of support.

Patrizia was convicted of plotting her ex-husband’s murder in 1997 and got a 29-year jail sentence.

She was released in 2016 after 18 years because of excellent conduct. And she currently works as a consultant for Bozart, a Milanese jewelry company.

What Is Patrizia Reggiani’s Net Worth?

Patrizia Reggiani revealed she had not worked a single day in her entire lifetime in 2011 after becoming eligible for parole.

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So the wealth she has amassed comes from marrying and divorcing Maurizio Gucci.

It is easy to calculate the net worth of Patrizia Reggiani since she earns an annual alimony of 1.47 million.

Moreover, she inherited his stepfather’s, Ferdinando, wealth after his passing.

Since Maurizio had signed the alimony papers after their divorce, Patrizia became entitled to over $16 million in back pay after her jail term.

Other assets under her name include ‘The Creole’, a yacht Maurizio bought in 1983, and other pre-jail possessions she had bought.

However, her two daughters, Allesandra and Allegra, currently own the multi-million boat.

You can calculate the net worth of Patrizia Reggiani by taking her assets and subtracting her liabilities.

But since her wealth comes from inheritance and divorce settlement, you cannot get a fixed figure as she has also claimed bankruptcy.

It is estimated Patrizia’s net worth stands at $10 million.


Patrizia Reggiani shot to fame after marrying Maurizio Gucci and plotting his murder in 1995.

Even though the two were already divorced, Patrizia could not stand another woman getting her previous title as Mrs. Gucci.

An Italian court found her and three others guilty of the crime and sentenced her to 29 years in prison, but she got released after 18 years.

Her wealth comes from the alimony Maurizio signed and the inheritance she got from her stepfather, Ferdinando.