Pinterest Alternatives: Top 8 Platforms for Creative Inspiration in 2024

Finding Pinterest alternatives can be tiring but here are the best ones filtered out for you.

Pinterest has become a staple for those of you seeking creative inspiration, a place to curate your own collections of visuals, and a way to share your aesthetics and interests with others.

With its easy-to-navigate boards and vast sea of pins, it’s no wonder you might find yourself scrolling for hours.

But maybe you’re looking for a fresh landscape, new functionalities, or a different community that might spark a different kind of joy and creativity in your daily browsing and sharing routine.

Thankfully, you’re not limited to just one platform for this kind of visual delight.

The internet is brimming with alternative sites that cater to your love for collecting and sharing images, each with unique features that might suit your personal or professional needs even better.

Some of these platforms offer specialized communities tailored to niche interests, while others might provide better tools for organizing your finds or even integrating them with your work projects.

Whether you’re a freelancer looking for design-centric platforms, a marketer in search of new channels for content, or simply someone who wants a change of virtual scenery, there’s almost certainly a Pinterest alternative out there for you.

Let’s explore what the digital realm has to offer beyond the well-trodden paths of Pinterest, and see where your visual adventures could lead you next.

Top Pinterest Alternatives

When you’re seeking a fresh platform for mood-boarding and visual inspiration, there are several robust options outside of Pinterest that cater to both your bookmarking needs and your desire for a community-based platform centered around imagery.

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Visual Bookmarking Alternatives

1. Pearltrees

Pearltrees Pinterest Alternatives

Storage: You begin with 1GB of free storage and have options for subscription-based upgrades for additional storage and features.

Content Organization: Allows you to organize web pages, photos, and notes into collections or ‘pearltrees’ which can be collaborative or private.

2. We Heart It

We Heart It Pinterest Alternatives

Aesthetic Appeal: This platform offers a collection of images, GIFs, and videos that are curated to attract users with their visually appealing content.

Community: It serves a community interested in sharing inspirational content around lifestyle, fashion, and art.

Social Media Platforms with Image Focus

3. Instagram

Instagram Pinterest Alternatives

User Base: With a massive global user base, Instagram is a top contender for sharing media-rich content.

Content Symmetry: You can share similar content on both Instagram and Pinterest, optimizing your time while broadening your reach.

4. Mix (formerly StumbleUpon)

Mix formerly StumbleUpon Pinterest Alternatives

Content Discovery: Tailor your content feed by selecting topics of interest, from fashion to architecture.

Networking: Connect with others by sharing your interests and discover content curated by the community.

PlatformStorage OptionsContent DiscoveryNetworking & Community Features
Pearltrees1GB free, paid upgrades for moreOrganized collections (‘pearltrees’)Collaborative collections, private options
We Heart ItNot specifiedImage, GIFs, and video sharingInspiration-driven community interaction
InstagramUnlimited uploads, but regulated by terms of serviceAlgorithm-driven feed based on user behaviorRobust follower system, Story and Post sharing
MixNot applicableSelect topics to tailor feedFollow topics and profiles for personalized content

Niche-Focused Platforms

When exploring Pinterest alternatives, it’s crucial to consider platforms that cater to specific interests and professions.

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Niche-focused platforms offer tailored experiences and communities for distinct user groups.

Creative Professionals

5. Dribbble

Dribbble Pinterest Alternatives

If you’re a creative professional, Dribbble is a standout choice that connects designers and showcases their work.

Consider it a social portfolio platform where you can network, share your work, and find job opportunities.

6. Behance


Behance, another Adobe-owned platform, also allows for a comprehensive display of your creative projects, with in-depth portfolios and a chance to receive feedback from a community of experts.

DIY and Craft Enthusiasts

7. Craftgawker

Craftgawker Pinterest Alternatives

For DIY and craft enthusiasts, platforms like Craftgawker invite you to share and discover unique crafting ideas.

8. Dwellinggawker

Dwellinggawker Pinterest Alternatives

If home decor and architecture are more your niche, Dwellinggawker focuses on home design and allows users to submit their own content, providing inspiration for your next home project.

Privacy-Centric Alternatives

When you’re seeking Pinterest alternatives with a focus on privacy, it’s refreshing to know that options are available.

These platforms cater to users who prioritize control over their personal information and content.

Open Source Platforms

Open source alternatives are not only free but also allow you the liberty to inspect and modify the source code.

This means you can understand exactly how your data is handled.

Self-Hosted Services

By hosting a service yourself, you gain maximum privacy.

You dictate the terms of content sharing and who gets to see your creative collections.


ServiceDescriptionPrivacy Feature
We Heart ItA private, image-based network where you can discover and collect inspiring photos.Intimate space for personal collections.
OwnCloudA self-hosted productivity platform that also allows you to create and share photo collections.Full control over data hosting and sharing.

Emerging Visual Discovery Platforms

In your search for inspiration and creative ideas, consider these vibrant alternatives to Pinterest:

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Instagram: It’s not just for social connections; Instagram is a treasure trove for visual content from fashion to food.

Follow hashtags and curate your feed to mimic a personalized mood board.

Dribbble: Are you a design enthusiast?

Dribbble showcases a selection of user-uploaded artwork and designs, perfect for finding branding and web design inspiration.

Behance: Owned by Adobe, Behance is a platform where creative professionals upload project portfolios.

It’s an excellent place for discovering cutting-edge design concepts.

Here’s a quick comparison to help you choose:

PlatformBest ForUnique Feature
InstagramGeneral inspirationStories and Reels
DribbbleGraphic & Web DesignDesigner community
BehanceProfessional portfoliosAdobe integration

Key Takeaways

Instagram: It’s a prime alternative to Pinterest for visual inspiration.

Unlike Pinterest’s curated boards, Instagram focuses on real-time content and social interaction.

Similar Platforms: Seek other social media platforms that allow for visual bookmarking and media sharing to discover inspiration.

Functionality Overlap: Several platforms, including Instagram, offer similar functionalities to Pinterest.

For example, they both allow media content sharing, which can save you time and drive traffic.

Niche Alternatives: Look for services like Depositphotos if you’re in need of stock photos.

They offer a feature that lets you organize your favorites into folders, similar to Pinterest’s pinning feature.

Diversity of Options: There are multiple Pinterest alternatives tailored to various interests, such as interior design, food, or memes.