10 Best AI Dungeon Alternatives in 2024

Artificial intelligence keeps evolving, and as a fan of adventure, you may want to explore an AI Dungeon alternative. This app uses AI to create unending text adventures in real time.

Though the app has excellent features for writers and gamers, its limitations make having an alternative imperative.

Alternatives to AI Dungeon include free and subscription apps like Holo AI, NovelAI, Magium, Dwarf Fortress, Dreamily.AI, Text Synth, and Infinite Story.

Hyper Write, Philosopher AI, Write with Transformer, Shortly AI, and GPT-Neo Dungeon are also great alternatives to AI Dungeon.

These alternatives would meet your needs for having fun, improving your writing skills, or even both.

This post gives more details on AI Dungeon, the need for an alternative, and the best-recommended alternatives available online.

Read on to see how artificial intelligence makes writing and gaming more fun and exciting.

What Is AI Dungeon

First released in 2019, this online game uses artificial intelligence to create content for its players.

With both single-player and multi-player, you have endless real-time opportunities for a text adventure.

With players being able to design and share their unique scenes, the possibilities are indeed limitless.

It has seven adventure scenarios: fantasy, mystery, zombies, apocalyptic, cyberpunk, and custom. With the use of artificial intelligence, open-ended plots are created as a response to player inputs.

One great feature is that players can access a chat box and voice chat to communicate with each other as they play.

The game has an app available for iOS and Android devices and can be played on a desktop or laptop.

The AI Dungeon game is entertaining and an excellent tool for writers who want to learn more about writing.

This game has both a free mode and a paid version with advanced features that leave players searching for alternatives.

What To Look For In An AI Dungeon Alternative

  • If writing is your primary focus, you would want to search for better alternatives to AI Dungeon. While AI Dungeon is more game-centered, other alternatives focus more on helping writers improve. Some of these alternatives even give feedback, synonyms to difficult words, and writing suggestions.
  • You can focus on getting a more realistic AI writing tool when searching for the best alternative. Though AI Dungeon is fun, it gets unrealistic as you play. Getting an alternative that checks both the realism and fun boxes would be great.
  • Though AI Dungeon has a free version, its features are limited. A free version with all the desired features should be in mind when looking for an alternative.

Best AI Dungeon Alternative: Top 12 Recommended

These 12 AI tools are excellent alternatives to AI Dungeon:

1. HoloAI

This app is built for anyone writing anything, as it helps organize your thoughts into incredible compositions.

From pouring out your heart to an imaginary friend to writing novels, blog posts, and term papers, Holo AI is the right tool. It has a robust data set that covers a wide range of work.

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It has several features that allow users to customize their writing, a text-to-speech function, and is end-to-end encrypted.

This app also allows you to export your work to other formats for further editing and publishing.

This app makes it easier to control the narratives, making it a better alternative to AI Dungeon.

Also, for someone more focused on improving their writing, this app would surely outshine AI Dungeon.

Holo AI has a free plan and an affordable subscription fee, just like the AI Dungeon app. 

2. NovelAI

If you are looking for ways to improve your writing skills, this AI-assisted service is designed just for you.

This tool is all you need as a beginner writer, AI enthusiast, or someone who simply enjoys experimenting with stories.

It has powerful algorithms that provide feedback and make suggestions for its users.

Its use of natural language processing helps the AI understand text inputs and provide in-depth feedback. In terms of plot structure and storytelling, it outperforms the AI Dungeon app.

The more users use this app, the better it helps them write. The interactive nature of this app makes it a perfect alternative to AI Dungeon. 

3. Magium

Magium is an epic text adventure game. Here, you play as an ordinary guy trying to win a tournament against the world’s most powerful magicians.

With over 100 spells and different enemies to fight, you sure wouldn’t want to miss out on this alternative.

The choices you make throughout the game will determine the game’s outcome.

The storyline of this game is super rich and in-depth, with players having unique abilities compared with the AI Dungeon.

Though AI Dungeon is more open-ended, Magium has a team of professional writers who craft the storyline and the entire content.

This makes it extremely interesting to follow and quite addictive.

To start playing for free, go to the site and press the “Play Game” tab. Alternatively, the app can be downloaded free from Google Play but comes with ads.

To access the entire book, you either complete 25 out of 35 achievements or pay to remove the ads.

4. Dwarf Fortress

Dwarf Fortress is a video game that simulates building and management and was created by Bay 12 Games.

This game is set in an imaginary fantasy world in which the players indirectly control a group of dwarfs.

While keeping the dwarfs safe and happy, you work together to successfully build a wealthy castle.

Like AI Dungeon, it includes text-based visuals and provides simple, eye-catching graphics.

Though it isn’t available to play on your mobile phones, you can enjoy the game on your laptops or desktops.

The game is available to play for free but requires a subscription to get better features.

This game has some similarities with the AI Dungeon game. Players have some level of control over the characters being used, outcomes, and events.

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However, it is an excellent alternative to AI Dungeon.

5. Dreamily.AI

Dreamily.AI is the perfect companion for literary enthusiasts and creators searching for new stories, and it is powered by AI.

It works on both iOS and Android devices and is the ideal tool for making your dreams a reality. You can easily create the life of your dreams with an easy-to-use interface and many options.

Dreamily.AI allows its users to share their dreams on social media and even add notes to their dreams.

It is free to use and quite similar to the AI Dungeon app.

6. Text Synth

Text Synth is an AI-powered tool for text-to-speech. The possibilities with this artificial intelligence tool are limitless.

It is quite a powerful tool, from rendering intelligent customer services to text-to-speech conversion. It can also be used for asking and answering questions and playing games.

The online service is easy to use and absolutely free. Simply enter a few details, and you are good to go. Both developers and non-developers alike can benefit from this tool.

It can be used to generate realistic text for websites, marketing, and just plain fun.

7. Infinite Story

This application lets its users read and jointly write endless stories. These stories, which can be written in any style and genre, give users access to an almost limitless number of reads.

So if you are new to writing, here is a great platform to write and learn from other writers.

There are 12 categories of stories, which include: action/adventure, romance, drama, fiction, fantasy, horror/thriller, humor, and mystery/crime.

From these categories, there usually is a writing contest, and winners are selected. Readers will never be bored because top-rated, new, and popular stories are always available.

This app is a lot of fun for writers and readers alike. You never know; your story may inspire other writers out there. Like AI Dungeon, it’s both game- and writer-centered.

However, you can change the outcomes of your stories if you don’t feel okay with them. This just brings home the infinite nature of creative writing.

8. Hyper Write

Having an AI personal writing assistant doesn’t sound like a bad idea. This app right here does that job perfectly.

With Hyper Write, you do not have to worry about completing your sentences. It even suggests the most suitable options for you.

Hyper Write is an advanced AI writing tool that helps you write faster and better. The best part is that you get feedback and comments on your work and even synonyms for challenging words.

This app is an excellent choice for students trying to improve their writing skills. 

The deployment of the GPT-3 AI model, similar to that of AI Dungeon Dragon, creates a believable experience. This writing bot uses the same writing style as the user to give it a unique feel.

Though there is a free mode, for less than $10 monthly, users can begin to enjoy the full features of this app.

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9. Philosopher AI

This philosophical game uses the GPT-3 Davinci model to create a realistic playing experience.

It asks random, thought-provoking questions such as “What is happiness?” “What is the meaning of life?”

This app follows a democratic process in selecting the most common questions, keeping the content relevant.

Though this game is free to play, players are limited to a certain number of daily queries. However, there is an option to upgrade to a paid account to get access to more queries and features.

This game is highly educational, fun, and engaging, making players want more.

Compared with AI Dungeon, which is game-oriented, it focuses more on helping players learn more about philosophy.

10. Write With Transformer

If you’re wondering how to finish your creative ideas, this alternative is your best bet. Write with transformer is a machine learning model that generates text unaided.

It considers the entire context of a sentence before producing the text.

With this app, writing doesn’t need to be as time-consuming as before because it efficiently produces coherent paragraphs and essays.

From poetry to blog posts, this extremely intelligent tool is to writing what calculators are to mathematics.

11. Shortly AI

You can finally say goodbye to writer’s block with an AI partnership. Imagine AI writing for you in your own voice. These and many more are the features of this powerful AI writing tool.

Shortly AI is an interface that allows writers to turn their thoughts into well-written paragraphs.

This app, unlike AI Dungeon, is more writer-oriented than game-oriented, as it basically helps writers overcome writing challenges.

However, it is pretty similar to the AI Dungeon’s Dragon used for text generation. 

With a built-in dictionary, writers can build their vocabulary with ease. New features on this app will show that text is being converted to video and audio, which is pretty cool.

This beginner-friendly app is available for download from both the Apple and Play stores.

12. GPT-Neo Dungeon

This new and upcoming dungeon crawler is a great alternative option for AI Dungeon with improved graphics and abilities.

Set in a random dungeon, players are meant to find their way through maze-like passageways. They fight off enemy mobs to reach the treasure at the end.

It has four classes for players to choose from: priest, mage, rogue, and warrior. These classes have their own unique features and styles of play.

Players can explore different combinations until they find the most suitable.

Another great feature of this game is the crafting system, whereby players can create new armor and weapons with different items.

This makes it more strategic and a great alternative to an AI dungeon.


With AI, the possibilities are endless, and these apps are sure proof. If writing is your main focus as opposed to gaming, explore any alternative for AI Dungeon listed above.