Bob Menery’s Net Worth 2024 (& Earnings!)

Social media influencers such as Bob Menery make earning seem easy, and today we look at Bob Menery’s net worth.

Bob rose to fame following a viral sportscaster video his friend recorded during an overnight party.

Born in St. Lawrence in 1987, Bob Menery is a Boston Instagram star, comedian, and sportscaster. He started his career as a caddie at the Los Angeles Wilshire Country Club.

Bob had a run in the acting career, having featured in a drama series ‘Billions’.

He has amassed a net worth of $5 million from brand endorsements and social media pages.

Read on to learn more about Bob Menery and his net worth.

Who Is Bob Menery?

Bob Menery is a famous Instagram star with 3.3 million followers.

His journey to fame came unexpectedly since it only took one video recording a friend had taken for him to go viral.

Bob was born and raised in Massachusetts, being the third born in a family of three, his parents Mark and Patty Menery.

He attended the University of Carolina, where his interest in sports grew. Bob’s career as a sportscaster kicked off in 2017 after his viral video hit 135,000 views.

Before that, Bob had worked as a caddie at the Los Angeles Wilshire Country Club, where he had relocated to pursue an acting career.

However, things did not go as planned, and he ended up homeless and moved back to Boston, Massachusetts.

Alongside his Instagram page, Bob has a YouTube channel with 114,000 followers, a Facebook page with 1.1 million followers, and a Twitter account with 172,300 followers.

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He also hosts Ripper majors, a sports and life podcast, inviting celebrities, actors, and friends to the show.

What Is Bob Menery’s Net Worth?

Knowing a person’s net worth can motivate individuals who want to emulate the person.

In our case, Bob Menery’s case is motivating because he also did not expect the popularity that came overnight.

He even revealed that he had gone to his regular caddie job and left his phone in the car, only to find 317 missed calls.

You can calculate Bob’s net worth by considering his total assets and subtracting his liabilities.

His income sources include brand endorsements, Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Podcasting, and league commentaries.

He also runs an online merch called Ripper Magoos.

Bob is also a co-owner of the Zappers Football team of the Fan Controlled Football league (FCF).

He owns the team alongside Trevor May, Dalvin Cook, and Ronnie Singh.

The net worth of Bob Menery is $5 million, attracted from his online enterprises, sponsorships, and brand endorsements.


Bob Menery’s popularity has risen within the last decade, with credit to his unique sportscaster’s voice.

He had a stand-off in 2019 with the Professional Golfers Association of America (PGA).

And he had to take down his PGA-related content for vulgarity reasons.

Despite his popularity, Bob Menery lives a simple and private life in Boston.

There is no information regarding his official dating life or wife and children.