10 Best Book Bolt Alternatives in 2024

Many authors might reach a point where they require an alternative to Book Bolt. Indeed, Book Bolt does have some high regard in the self-publishing industry.

Still, there are some excellent options out there to try. So, which is the best alternative, and how can you tell which platform is right for you?

The top alternatives to Book Bolt include Publisher Rocket, Kindle Ranker, Book Bird, Tangent, KDP Wizard, Creative Fabrica, and Merch Titans.

There are also Bookow, Interior Builder, and KDSPY for you to try. Some match Book Bolt more closely than others in terms of functionality.

Nevertheless, simply consider its keyword research, graphic design, and e-book optimization features before choosing one.

In this post, I’ll bring your writing dreams to life by offering some of the best Book Bolt alternatives.

You don’t want to miss that software, extension, or platform that will turn your next book project into a masterpiece.

What Is Book Bolt?

Book Bolt is one of the best programs facilitating your journey as a self-published author.

It’s the most comprehensive option since it takes care of everything you need to know to make a low-content book.

From doing keyword research to sharing your finished product in PDF format, Book Bolt has you covered.

What To Look For In A Book Bolt Alternative

You should consider what you value most in a tool before deciding which ones to employ for business expansion.

The three major things to consider for Book Bolt’s alternatives are keyword research, graphic design, and e-book optimization tools.

Ensure the tools you’re selecting have tools to help you get the right keywords for your books.

This will ensure your book gets into the proper categories and ranks for search terms.

Secondly, consider the graphic design tools on the platforms. Some platforms don’t even have tools for designing at all.

Graphic design is handy for your book’s covers and pages, as the case may be. Finally, ensure the tool can help you optimize your book descriptions and metadata properly.

Best Book Bolt Alternative: 10 Top Recommendations 

Here are some of the exciting options you should definitely explore before you choose your next publishing agenda:

1. Publisher Rocket

There are many tools out there that stand out as the author’s best friend, but none do it like Publisher Rocket.

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It is the most viable substitute for Book Bolt, famous for testimonies from multiple authors worldwide.

The Publisher Rocket’s most treasured feature is its Keyword Search Engine. This allows you to optimize your book on Amazon by offering you the right keywords.

Publisher Rocket will generate hundreds more from one keyword imputed, with a metric on each one to depict its value.

Using this tool, publishers may compile a massive set of keywords that will be useful during book advertising. Getting Publisher Rocket’s complete set of capabilities for a lifetime costs only $97.

2. Kindle Ranker

As its name implies, this tool is everything you need to rank insanely on KDP.

Kindle Ranker offers a great market research tool to ensure your book beats the competition in the Kindle Store.

You may track your book’s sales and get feedback on it. You’ll even get a notification when your book tops the rankings in its niche.

Another of its valuable features is the Kindle Book Spy. One can use this tool to see how other writers promote their books, including their rankings, prices, and more.

Where Book Bolt emphasizes keywords, this incredible tool emphasizes marketing and earning.

3. Book Bird

Book Bird is your best bet for a stuffed platform where you can enjoy so much value all at once. It is a platform that provides access to several helpful materials and useful applications.

A wide selection of premade book formats is available for usage by independent authors and publishers.

These templates cover a wide selection of niches and genres, so there’s always something right for you. This paves the way for authors with little resources to write and publish their novels.

The Book Bird platform includes a video course based on a low-content book as one of its resources.

It’s the best resource for learning how to write books with less material successfully from the start.

Book Bird and Book Bolt share the same specialized research instrument.

4. Tangent

Tangent is comparable to Book Bolt but has more advanced features, making it an excellent substitute.

It may not be best for starters, but it’s perfect for anyone who wishes to go pro in book publishing.

However, unlike Book Bolt, Tangent does not provide excellent keyword research tools.

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It really shines in its extensive library of high-quality, user-friendly project templates.

It also has its Niche Machine feature, a Sky Palette, and a Formulizer tool. Each feature works together to bring out the best in your book.

You may get a monthly subscription to Tangent for as little as $24.99.

5. KDP Wizard

As its name suggests, this tool will elevate you from the novice stage into KDP wizardry. The platform combines information from KDP with Airtable, a robust database program.

It connects the publisher’s Amazon KDP data with the Airtable API to ensure that it is well-organized and safe.

All of the pages for making products have a copy-and-paste button to make it easier to duplicate information.

With the help of the rich text editor, you may also quickly revise your articles without resorting to HTML codes.

KDP Wizard’s services can be accessed for the low prices shown on their pricing page. Hence, you can enjoy this service without breaking the bank.

6. Creative Fabrica

Creative Fabrica is one of the best places for book publishers to get design materials, like a library of cool typefaces. You may even use it to find superior illustrations for books.

This tool’s abundance of features makes it a compelling option for anyone who places a premium on aesthetic quality in their work.

It has features like Font Cloud and Shape Cloud that brings out your works’ uniqueness.

The Web Font Generator is another helpful resource on Creative Fabrica that can’t be found on the Book Bolt platform.

This generator provides access to more than 92,067 typefaces. If the beauty of your work is your priority, you probably shouldn’t look elsewhere.

7. Merch Titans

Unlike Book Bolt, Merch Titans goes beyond books to make the entire Merch by Amazon profitable for you.

Besides boosting sales and profits, it streamlines the publisher’s product research process.

Some useful tools accessible on Merch Titans include the Product search tool, Titan Vault, the KDP research tool, etc. 

Additionally, the trademark checker on the Merch Titan platform provides access to the comprehensive database of registered US trademarks.

The Book Bolt platform does not offer this function.

Merch Titans also provides a way for publishers to search for pictures, such as vector graphics, using an image research engine.

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This software provides publishers with an extensive library of high-resolution photos and graphics. For many experiencing problems with images, Merch Titans is just right for you.

Depending on your pocket, Merch Titan’s services might be relatively economical. The entry-level package is available for as little as $9.99 per month.

8. Bookow

For those who have had Amazon spit out their books consecutively due to cover issues, worry no more. Bookow is the perfect shot at getting your cover dimensions right, among other features.

With bookow.com, self-publishers and authors may easily format their books without any effort. The bookow.com platform automates the publishing process for authors and publishers.

In addition, the system allows for a wide variety of personalized typesetting choices.

Thanks to Bookow, you can input a raw doc and get rewarded with a well-formatted, ready-to-publish book. These options will not be available to Book Bolt customers.

Bookow.com also features helpful resources such as the ISBN-13 Bookland Barcode Generator. This program allows independent authors to generate a PDF with a high-quality barcode picture.

9. Interior Builder

Interior Builder is a novel program that can be an excellent alternative to Book Bolt for certain unique features. As the name implies, it is an ideal option for quickly and easily making book interiors.

It may also be seen as a place where publishers can get help creating visually appealing book interiors.

Interior Builder has tools for designing books, making changes to them, downloading them, and keeping them in good shape.

On the other hand, Book Bolt combines research, development, publication, and sales. Hence, Book Bolt may still remain a more sophisticated option.


The KDSPY is another viable option to Book Bolt. As its name portrays, it helps investigate the competition, track books, estimate income, and other tasks.

It provides publishers with access to market trends and other valuable data. These comprehensive metrics allow them to place their books in the most relevant ranking category. 

KDSPY’s tracking features optimize sales, making it very similar to Book Bolt. You may get lifetime access to all KDSPY tools and materials for only $59.


Now you have an impressive list of options. You can try out any of them to find an alternative that works best for you.