10 Best OnlyFans Alternatives in 2024

Many viewers agree that OnlyFans is a great place to watch original content, but is there an OnlyFans alternative?

Platforms similar to OnlyFans would need to provide the same features, perhaps better than OnlyFans typically would.

So what are the best options with comparable features to OnlyFans?

Platforms like Fancentro, LoyalFans, and Fanvue have similar features to OnlyFans.

Content creators can also engage directly with their audience through Fantime, FriendsOnly, FanHouse, OkFan, and Influenswer.

Finally, you could also opt for Fansly or iFans. Depending on your preference, each of these sites is easy to use and offers unique qualities similar to OnlyFans. 

This post will give you information about a good alternative to consider. Stick with us to ensure you don’t miss out.

What Is OnlyFans? 

OnlyFans is an online platform that allows people to buy and sell original content. With it, individuals can pay for content (pictures, videos, and live streams) via a monthly subscription.

Most YouTubers, fitness trainers, models, content creators, and famous people use it to make money from their jobs. 

During the pandemic, it gained more popularity among explicit content creators. The user posts NSFW videos or photos to their account when used for such purposes.

Even though a lot of adult content is made on this platform, celebrities and influential people also use it. 

What To Look For In An OnlyFans Alternative

When finding a platform with similar features to OnlyFans, you must understand the essential features that make up a reliable platform.

You should look out for three main things before signing up for a content platform. 

First, it should be easy to use; second, it should pay out; and third, it should have referral programs.

If you  find any of these features on a different platform, you can think of them as suitable substitutes:

Ease Of Use

This is a significant feature you should look for if you want to utilize any content platform.

You must be able to receive tips, presents, special requests, and other forms of payment from your followers.

You should have a button that lets you limit who can watch and where they can watch from.

To get more fans and become more well-known, you should be able to live stream, advertise, and talk to your audience.

With these features, producers should also be able to showcase their social media accounts.


You must have at least the minimum payout amount to get money out of your account on a content creation platform.

Your minimum payment amount should be low and easy to receive on your account.

Payouts should be made to well-known sites such as PayPal or Stripe, regardless of where you live. The payout percentage must be compared to the quality being offered.

Referral Programs

The referral program is the last thing you should consider when choosing a good content platform.

This process allows existing users to invite people who want to make money from their content.

So, you should be able to get referral payments on any other platform you choose.

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Best OnlyFans Alternative: 10 Top Recommendations 

Any of these platforms can provide quality comparable to OnlyFans. Here are some of the platforms to try out today:

1. Fancentro

This alternative to OnlyFans has grown in popularity thanks to its big payouts and affordable fees. Its users can sell personal content, such as images, videos, or stories, and earn as affiliates.

By recommending new users to the platform, you can get a commission.

In addition, Fancentro is not just a subscription-based platform. With it, users don’t have to pay a monthly fee to view your content. Instead, they pay per view or per purchase.

On this platform, creators can customize subscription plans and offer a price for the content they create.

There is also an add-on feature that allows for a free trial and offers discounts for creators to choose from.

The content you create generates an income, of which 80% belongs to you, and the other 20% goes to Fancentro.

Based on our research, Fancentro has a unique and comparable feature to OnlyFans, making it a relatively good platform to earn on.

Although there are several similarities between Fancentro and OnlyFans, Fancentro is not as popular as OnlyFans. 

2. LoyalFans

LoyalFans is a social networking site for adult content. Like other platforms, its users pay for premium content from the creator’s page.

While it claims to be available to all types of artists, practically every profile on the site is explicit.

This platform is based in the United Kingdom. Still, the site is very much worldwide, similar to OnlyFans. It uses the USD as its primary currency for payout.

Users of both OnlyFans and LoyalFans enjoy high payout rates to content creators on their platforms.

However, both platforms also give content creators 80% of what they make on their platforms and keep 20% for themselves. This percentage is used for maintenance, research, hosting, development, and affiliates.

Not only can you earn money via subscription, but you can also earn money through referral programs and personal requests.

You, as a creator, have a wide range of live streaming and broadcasting methods to charge for direct contact with an audience.

However, the minimum withdrawal limit is $50, making a big difference between OnlyFans and LoyalFans. Sensitive content requires identifications to prove creators are of legal age.

3. Fanvue

Fanvue is also a legitimate platform for content creators. No matter what you produce, your work can never be prohibited.

Whether you’re an author, fitness coach, or adult filmmaker, Fanvue is aimed at all content creators.

Fanvue works like many other platforms for making content. After you sign up, you can start building a base of subscribers.

Your paid subscribers will be the only ones who can see the content you post if it’s hidden behind a paywall.

Users on this platform can enjoy unique features like trading and minting NFTs and the ability to be discovered easily.

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These important advanced features are currently missing from OnlyFans. 

With Fanvue, there are a lot of similar features to be on the lookout for. Features like referral bonuses and a $20 minimum payout are closely similar to those of OnlyFans.

Money can also be earned not only through subscriptions but also via tips, pay-per-view, and custom content. It’s left for you to decide how you get paid and how you can receive payments.

4. Fantime

Monetizing your work online is easy nowadays with platforms like Fantime, where you can earn from your comfort zone.

This platform is also subscription-based, and its goal is to connect audiences worldwide to their favorite content creators.

To access Fantime and its contents through the site, you must be at least 18 years old. Fantime allows creators to share content that might not be allowed on other social networking sites.

It is illegal to use the site for prostitution or anything else that is against the law.

5. FriendsOnly

FriendsOnly is a service that bridges the gap between established fan subscription platforms like OnlyFans and social media platforms.

Its aim is to create a reliable platform for building a successful career with features that make their work easier.

You can quickly gain popularity on this platform by simply abiding by its terms and conditions.

It is a website for adults, but it emphasizes that all types of creators are welcome. FriendsOnly might be great for creating fitness videos, instructional content, and cooking courses.

In many aspects, FriendsOnly operates similarly to other subscription platform websites.

Creators sign up and submit their video content, which they can arrange to be behind a paywall. Visitors to this website can purchase a one-time video access or a monthly membership to the creator.

This platform functions similarly to other fan sites, taking a 20% cut of the creator’s earnings. Whether they come from purchased videos or subscription fees, they are paid without haste.

This constantly happens in the content market, and only a few platforms offer better payouts.

This platform distinguishes itself from OnlyFans by providing a relatively distinct platform design. Unlike

OnlyFans and other similar platforms, it’s based on algorithm technology, which makes it easier for potential fans to meet new people.

6. FanHouse

If you want to make a living with content that isn’t for adults, you can’t do that on FanHouse. It lets its users make money from their Twitter and Instagram content by getting followers and posting relevant content.

Members on this platform can ask for personalized content from the creator. These subscribers can get rewards such as tips and gifts.  

There are also features like a fan wall and house chat where fans can connect with one another. FanHouse charges a commission of 10% on all transactions on the platform.

7. OkFan

Users pay a monthly fee to access OkFan’s content, just like they would for any other paid service. As long as you follow the terms and conditions of this platform, you are good to go.

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The only significant difference between OkFan and OnlyFans is popularity, which makes OkFan less competitive among content creators. 

Creators are allowed to post anything they like, including nudes. Your content can be posted in one of three ways: for subscribers only, for everyone (for free), or at a custom price.

Except for the “For Free” package, all these allow you to charge for your content.

8. Influenswer

There are clear distinctions between OnlyFans and Influenswer.

Aside from the monetary benefits, Influenswer allows its users to earn money by simply responding to questions from their subscribers.

Fans can be interested in your content without things getting too complicated if you just describe it in a few words.

They also take a 20% cut of every successful transaction you make and give you the other 80%.

All payments are made directly to a Stripe or PayPal account, which must be linked to so that you can withdraw earnings.

There is no minimum withdrawal limit, so you can request payment as long as you have money in your account balance.

9. Fansly

Fansly is a new content platform, but it has quickly become known for competing with OnlyFans. Fansly was introduced to the world of content in 2020.

It uses a variety of ways to make money to offer customers a wide range of content. People can follow content creators on this platform for free before subscribing to their channels.

With this platform, users can get famous, promote their content, and ask fans to subscribe simultaneously.

Fansly only accepts payments through credit cards, which is a big difference compared to other platforms.

Just like OnlyFans, Fansly takes 20% of its users’ earnings. You can also get referral bonuses by inviting interested content creators.

This platform is an excellent alternative to OnlyFans due to some of its similar features.

10. iFans

This platform was designed to look like your favorite social media brands like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Snapchat. It’s said to be an all-in-one subscription platform.

iFans generates revenue by charging a commission. This is 20% of what you make from regular subscribers, which is the industry standard across most creator platforms.

A content producer can earn a lot of money on this platform, all thanks to its many valuable features.

It was mainly created with its users in mind. Designed for simplicity and ease of use, iFans offers generous payouts. It isn’t easy to build an audience to use the platform.

However, you can work on expanding your audience through various social media platforms.


Finding a good substitute for platforms like OnlyFans is easy due to its popularity and vast number of subscribers.

Many other platforms emulate or create their own distinctive features similar to OnlyFans. You must understand the features that set them apart and how you can benefit from them.

If you can’t find a suitable alternative option, try any of the platforms we have listed above.