Is Shein Legit?

Many purchase items from Shein’s online store without asking, “Is Shein legit?”.

As online shopping continues to explode, many would-be entrepreneurs are jumping onto the e-commerce bandwagon.

As such, it’s sometimes difficult to determine which retailer is trustworthy and which is not. 

But rest assured that Shein is legit. The primary reason it’s safe to shop at Shein is because of its security measures.

It has a safeguard in place protect customer information and behavior. It also has resources for reporting fraud or suspicious activities.

And it’s reliable in terms of shipping orders. You can also use your order tracking number to determine where and when your package will arrive.

Because the pricing of Shein products seems too good to be true, it raises the question of whether Shein is a legitimate retailer.

This guide will look into Shein’s reputation, customer reviews, and legitimacy.

Is Shein Legit? 

Shein is entirely legit. It is also committed to providing excellent customer service built on reliability.

Here are a few factors that make Shein a legitimate online retail store. 

1. Reviews And Ratings

Reviews and ratings give you an idea of whether a company is above board. And one of the most respected review sites is TrustPilot. 

Shein has a TrustPilot rating of 3.8 out of 5 stars. This rating was determined from over 110,000 customer reviews, and more than 50% are 5-star reviews. 

Most of the positive reviews are related to the affordability of the products.

While many of the negative reviews are sparked due to a bad experience with the delivery of the parcel.

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2. Delivery 

Shein also has very reliable shipping. If you reside outside of the United States, you will typically receive your order within 2 to 3 weeks.

However, it varies based on your location. Type of shipping you choose when making your purchase will also play a role.  

3. Safety And Security 

Shein aims to provide customers with a safe online shopping platform. The company puts great effort into ensuring each online shopping session is secure.

Its two-factor authentication and high industry security standards reduce the possibility of security breaches while shopping.

4. Customer Service 

Shein takes a hands-on approach to customer service. Should you experience any problems, you can contact their customer support team via phone or email.

Customer reviews indicate that the support team handles inquiries swiftly.

5. Order Tracking 

Finally, Shein offers the ability to track your order. This way, you’re always aware of where your order is and can plan for the delivery accordingly.

Is Buying From Shein Safe?

Shein is as safe to use as any other reputable online retailer.

Precautions are in place to ensure your personal and financial information are protected.

And it ensures secure transactions. That said, taking additional precautions when sharing sensitive information online is always wise. 


In a nutshell, Shein offers its customers a protected online shopping platform where customers can shop safely and securely.

The company is implemented all the required security measures and more. And it has received plenty of positive customer reviews.

We hope this guide has helped ease your mind.